For the First time in the UK: THE EMBROIDERY GIRL

 Jiangsu Wuxi, Song and Dance Troupe,  Grand Chinese Dance Drama

March 27th – April 7th, 2018

Tradition Meets Innovation

East meets West with the best possible end result. A legendary story about embroidery Master Xiu Niang’s life, loves and the compilation of a famous Embroidery Art Bible in male dominated Qing dynasty China. A Historical fable with modern relevance as a talented woman fights to achieve her potential despite all the odds. This balletic work presents a heady blend of Chinese folk, classical and contemporary dance, exotic music and sumptuous costumes. It has West-End production values while maintaining a distinctly Chinese feel. A not to be missed experience for any theatre or culture lover.

60 Years of Raising the Bar

The  Jiangsu Wuxi, Song and Dance Troupe is among modern China’s Best  and most firmly established cultural institutions with a huge volume of popular classical and contemporary  hits on both  stage and  Chinese Television.

Chinese National Theatre companys rarley tour outside China but when they do you can be sure that you are in for a treat and that you are seeing the very best China has to offer.  

Style and Technical Excellence

Experience Storytelling, in motion. The choreography for The Embroidery girl  has been revitalised and revised especially for this tour to ensure a Europen audience gets to see the best quality dancers  from China at the top of their game.

2018 European Tour, Only 8 Dates in the UK

The troupe has toured to high acclaim in Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia and the US but this is the first time they have toured a show like this in the UK, so don’t miss out.

Renowned Choreographer

Sublime Choreography by:

Zhao Ming (赵明), world renowned choreographer. A man of  many talents, with an unrivaled record in China, his work is rich and dynamic, blending Chinese folk,  modern dance and western ballet styles into a signiture style all his own .   

Many of his epic productions are known in the west such as:  Dream of the Red Chamber 红楼梦, Farewell My Concubine 霸王别姬, acrobatic Swan Lake 天鹅湖 and the Chinese version of the Nutcracker 过年. His fame in the Chinese dance world is equivalent to that of film director Zhang Yimao 张艺谋 in the film industry, with whom he has collaborated on many national projects.  

Dance Superstars

Stunning dance on display:  

The Title role of the embroidery girl is danced by Zhang Yashu (张娅姝) star of hit Chinese TV show  “So you think you can dance.”  Her Distinctive style is technically brilliant yet emotionally resonant and she is performing here in a role she has already made her own in standout performances in China, Austraila and the US.

The male lead role is being danced by the award winning  Xu Peng.  Xu graduated from Beijing Dance Academy in 2005. He  won the fourth China TV Dance Contest in 2007; and won international acclaim with his celebrated role in  the  “Peony Pavilion” 

Stage Art Mastery

Striking Stage Art by:

Zhang Jiwen 张继文, a multi award winning, national first ranked contemporary stage designer.  He is highly sought after in Chinese theatre circles. Both popular and prolific ,his name is often associated with many of  the grandest and most successful  contemporary Chinese  stage productions. 

In “The Embroidery Girl”  he masterfully manipulates  perspective using grids, shrinking horizons and geometric patterns to communicate dramatic scale and depth. The Embroidery Girl is a spectacular tour de force of stage visual display-  making this a must see show.

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