Embroidery Girl Writer and Dancers on the way to perform at the Closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in South Korea

Zhang Yimao & Some of our team taking part in the Closing Ceremony.

There were certainly some spectacular components to the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics but it is the closing ceremony that we are looking forward to.

Breaking news:  A large  Chinese team including Jiangsu Wuxi Song and Dance Theater is going to Pyeongchang to give a spectacular 8 minute performance at the  Winter Olympics Closing ceremony to hand over the torch for the next Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022 .

The team is being led by acclaimed film director Zhang Yimao,  the writer for the embroidery girl is helping with the script and the Jiangsu Wuxi Song and Dance Theater  (the dance team putting on the embroidery girl are performing in the dance component of the spectacular.

  • The Winter Olympics end on Sunday, February 25.
  • The closing ceremony will take place at the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium on February 25 at 8pm KST (11am GMT).
  • The BBC and Eurosport and are providing live coverage of the games in the UK.
  • BBC Two will be showing the closing ceremony between 6am and 2pm on Sunday, February 25.

So make sure to check it out: Beijing 8 Minutes, from the closing ceremony.

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