The Embroidery Girls Principal dancer: Zhang Yashu  is The face of the Chinese New year on Chinese TV

The Principal female dancer for the Embroidery girl, the beautiful and intriguing Zhang Yashu is the current face of the Jiangsu TV  version of the radio times in China and a star turn for the TV festival programme.

As you would expect Chinese New year is big in China, I’m talking  Doctor Who, Jools Holland big.

Each area looks to outdo the rest and each region has their own celebrations and each of the main channels will feature live and recorded festival related segments. Zhang will be taking a prominent part in a dance spectacular, representing Jiangsu culture and Jiangsu province. In recent years interest in Chinese New year has skyrocketed in the west as it represents a great opportunity to share and appreciate a taste of Chinese culture in a festival environment. 

Her costume looks amazing you can view some of the Gala footage below.

Chinese TV is typically split along regional lines with Jiangsu Television 江苏卫视  being one of the major provincial networks in China.   

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